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This is a list of all the types of activities on This Is How You Play.

Tag Total Description
Art 40

Includes all arts and crafts activities

Arthropod 8

Includes all activities that have to do with Arthropods. Arthropods include insects, arachnids and crustaceans.

Astronomy 12

These are activities having to do with earth and space science.

Bus 2

Includes activities you can do while on a long bus ride.

Circle 20

Includes all activities where you gather around in a circle. The most famous example of a circle game is duck duck goose.

Cooperative 35

Cooperative activities are those where 1 or more students have to work together in order for the activity to work.

Dinosaur 6

Includes all activities that have to do with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.

Hike 9

These activities are meant to supplement a hike.

Ice breaker 4

Activities to help others feel more comfortable with new people

Name 5

These activities help people remember each others' names.

Nature 63

These activities focus on plants and animals.

Pirate 4

All activities related to pirates ARR!

Quiet 2

Any activity whose goal is to calm or quiet students

Recycling 3

These activities focus on Recycling, Reducing and Reusing materials. These are usually crafts.

Rainy day 16

These are activities for unplanned rainy days. These activities are indoors, uncomplicated, need little preparation and require few materials.

Science 47

These activities overlap a lot with nature activities. Science activities tend to be more lab demonstrations than outdoor activities.

Tag 11

There are a million variations of the game "tag." Any game that involves chasing another person and tagging them will fall in this category.

Team building 13

Activities that encourage a group to trust each other and appreciate each others strengths.

Transitional 4

Schedules aren't exact and sometimes there is unscheduled downtime. Transitional games fill in the 5-10 minute gaps between scheduled activities. Transitional activities tend to be short, easy and require little to no materials.

Water 9

Activities to play in the pool

Wear out 7

Activities whose goal is simply to wear out overly energetic students

There is a grand total of 174 activities across all tags.

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