Sunprint craft

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Sunprint craft
Age Range 3-5 (PreK-K), 5-8 (grades 1-2)
Group Size medium (6-20)
Setting indoors
Setup Time medium (6-30 min)
Duration medium (11-30 min)
Subjects light, chemistry
Key terms catalyst
Materials gathering of materials found in nature (leaves, flower petals, etc.), sunprint paper, sunprint boxes, 3 tubs, water, hydrogen peroxide, towel
Presentation Style demonstration

Brief Description

Sunprint craft is a way to make make permanent silhouettes of objects using sunlight.


  • Students will be able to create silhouettes.

This Is How You Play

  1. Make a tub of tap water.
  2. Make a tub of hydrogen peroxide and tap water.
  3. Make another tub of tap water.
  4. With the children, find an assortment of things in nature that they think would make a nice picture.
  5. In pairs, have the children pick out several things that they would like to use for their own picture.
  6. Turn the lights off in the classroom and close the window blinds. (You don’t want too much light on the paper before you bring it outside.)
  7. Hand out a sunprint box and two sheets of sunprint paper to each pair of students. Tell them they are to work on one at a time, so pick who will go first.
  8. Open the glass lid of the box and place the paper inside of the box. Lay the natural materials out on the paper in any way the children like and then close the lid.
  9. Place the box outside in the sun. If it is a sunny day, it will change very quickly (within 5 minutes). If it is a cloudy day it will take longer (15 minutes or more).
  10. When the paper around the natural materials looks like it has changed color enough, carefully bring the whole box back inside.
  11. Open the lid and take the natural materials out of the box.
  12. Immerse the sunprint paper in the tap water for 3 seconds.
  13. Immerse the paper in the hydrogen peroxide and tap water mix for 3 seconds.
  14. Immerse the sunprint paper in the other tap water tub for 3 seconds.
  15. Blot away excess water with the towel and set aside to dry.
  16. Repeat steps 8-15 again so the other partner is able to make their art.


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