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A drawing lesson +A lesson to improve drawing and observation skills  +
Aboriginal art +Aboriginal art allows students to create artwork using a pinpoint style just like the indigenous people of Australia.  +
Action and name +Students pick an action that begins with the same letters as their first name. Each student says everyone else's name and the action that goes with it.  +
Alien activities +These are a bunch of miscellaneous alien activities.  +
Alien snot +Students will create alien snot using borax and glue  +
Alka seltzer rockets +Pour water into canisters, add a half a tablet of seltzer to water, add lid quickly and watch the tops pop! Students will see how powerful air pressure can be.  +
Animal charades +Animal charades is a circle game where students have to quickly strike an animal pose.  +
Apple Tree Life Cycle +Students will make a collage of four apple trees to represent how trees change through the seasons.  +
Armadillo craft +Students will be able to create their own armadillo art craft.  +
Art +Includes all arts and crafts activities  +
Art attack +Art attack is a competitive art game. Teams of students have to create a structure in a set amount of time. Teams are given based based on teamwork, name of their art, and the story about their art.  +
Artdeckia +Students create their own pokemon like cards, but the art is relevant to your topic (e.g., space cards for astronomy week, recycling cards for earth keepers week). They battle each others cards.  +
Arthropod +Includes all activities that have to do with Arthropods. Arthropods include insects, arachnids and crustaceans.  +
Astronomy +These are activities having to do with earth and space science.  +


Balloon on a bed of nails +Students will press a balloon on a bed of nails. The even pressure should prevent the balloon from popping!  +
Barton springs salamander page +Students will be able to color in a barton springs salamander. This is a local endangered amphibian from Austin, Texas.  +
Bat Craft +make a bat that can hang upside down from a toilet paper roll  +
Bat mother smelling game +Students will each be given a smell. Some students will be moms and some will be babies. The blindfolded moms must try to find their babies based on smell alone.  +
Bear fish mosquito +Human farkle is like a big group rock paper scissors except the three options are bear, fish and mosquito. There's also an element of tag and team building. This game can also be used to demonstrate the different levels of a food chain.  +
Bend water with static electricity +Students use static electricity generated from a balloon to make a stream of water bend.  +
Big booty +Big booty is a game where you get to say "big booty." Everyone sings a song about Big Booty and then each person has to count to the rhthym. Did I mention that you get to say "booty?"  +
Biggest fan +Students play a huge game of rock paper scissors where the loser has to support the person they lost to.  +
Birds without teeth +Students will learn how birds break down food, using plastic bags to mimic a bird's crop.  +
Birthday line up +Everyone has to line themselves up in their birthday order without talking with each other.  +
Black magic +One person "mind reads" which object their partner picked. Students guess how the two people are able to communicate without talking  +
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