Poison dart frog

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Poison dart frog
Age Range 3-5 (PreK-K), 5-8 (grades 1-2), 8-11 (grades 3-5)
Group Size medium (6-20), large (21+)
Setting indoors, outdoors
Setup Time short (0-5 min)
Duration short (5-10 min), medium (11-30 min)
Subjects frogs, amphibians, poison
Materials none
Alias detective, poison frog
Presentation Style interactive, student led

Brief Description

Kids sit and circle and figure out who is the poison dart frog

This Is How You Play

  1. Kids sit in a circle
  2. A kid is will be the investigator and is sent away from the group
  3. While the investigator is gone, another kid is selected as the poison dart frog. Everyone in the circle knows who the poison dart frog is
  4. The investigator comes back into the room
  5. The Poison dart frog now must stealthily stick its tongue out at a kid in the group. The other kids stealthily watch the frog. If the poison dart frog sticks its tongue out at the kid, they must fall back as if they died.
  6. The investigator is trying to figure out who the poison dart frog is. They get 3 guesses.


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