Indian chief

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Indian chief
Age Range all ages
Group Size medium (6-20)
Setting indoors, outdoors
Setup Time short (0-5 min)
Duration medium (11-30 min)
Materials none
Alias seismic game, who is the leader
Presentation Style active, interactive

Brief Description

Indian Chief is a game where one person (the indian chief) performs an action like clapping or snapping. The rest of the students in the circle have to copy the chief. One student has to guess who the real chief is.

This Is How You Play

  1. Have the group sit or stand in a circle.
  2. One person (i.e., the guesser) goes out of hearing and sight range of the group.
  3. After the person has left the group, one person must be picked to be the "Indian chief." The "Indian chief" decides on some kind of motion and the whole group copies the movement.
  4. The guesser comes back into the group and tries to figure out which person is leading the motions (i.e., the Indian Chief).
  5. The guesser gets three tries to guess who is the Indian Chief.
  6. The person who was the Indian Chief now leaves the group to be the guesser and a new Indian Chief is chosen.

Variation for Nature Theme: You could call the game "seismic game." The copying of the leader simulates the seismic waves that emanate from an active fault line or volcano.


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