Captain's coming

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Captain's coming
Age Range all ages
Group Size medium (6-20), large (21+)
Setting indoors, outdoors
Setup Time short (0-5 min)
Duration medium (11-30 min)
Subjects pirates
Materials none
Alias pirate ship
Presentation Style active, interactive

Brief Description

Captain's Coming is a simon says type game for pirates! Arrrr! This game has commands like swab the deck! Swim to ship! Man overboard! and many other swashbuckling commands. It's ARRRmazing!


Students will be able to play a game much like simon says. Students will be able to act like pirates

This Is How You Play

  1. Tell the campers that they are on a ship and that you, the counselor, are the captain.
  2. Counselor gives orders to the campers, or pirates. Here are some of the orders:
Command # of people Action
"Captain's coming" 1 Salute
"At ease" 1 hands at side
"Swab the deck 1 Pretend to mop
"Seasick" 1 Make horrible vomiting noises as loud as you can
"Swim to shore" 1 Run (making swimming motions) to the side that the counselor said is the island
"Swim to ship" 1 Run (making swimming motions) to the side that the counselor said is the ship
"Mermaid" 1 Stand on one foot, wave and say in a high pitch voice, "Hi sailors!"
"Hook" 1 Hold up pointer finger in the shape of a hook and yell "Arrrrrrr!!"
"Man overboard" 2 One person bends over at the waist while another person looks over their back as if they are looking over the edge of the ship for someone who fell overboard
"Porthole" 3 Two people form a porthole with their hands while a third person looks through the hole
"Octopus" 4 Four people lean against each other back to back and wave their arms as if they are a giant octopus
"Captain's table" 5 Five people turn towards each other and pretend to be eating at a table

There are probably other orders. Feel free to add new ones to this table.


Variations for Younger Students

  • Younger students may be confused by the group commands. Don't use commands that require partners.


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