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This is where you can fill a request! Thanks for your contribution.

Clicking on a red link will bring you to a form where you can create that page.

Red links mean that the page does not exist yet.

After you have filled a request, the red link will turn blue/purple indicating that the request has been filled!


Science Activities

Nature Activities

Dinosaur Activities

Bus Activities

Circle Activities

Team building Activities

Tag Activities

Transitional Activities

  • Who am I - Also add variation for nature games

"Nature Niche" Curriculum Pack Idea

To do

  • add a "main video" section to the edit activity page.
  • add relevant books section
  • Create a song section
  • Create a "similar pages" or "related pages" section or box.
  • Add tutorial videos (how to use the wiki, how to add to the wiki)
  • Top attention getters
  • Requested page tutorial
  • Add This_Is_How_You_Play:Requested_pages to and restrict in robots.txt
  • alias pages can be created automatically! check semantic forms documentation
  • step 1 and step 2 example in "activity instructions" go on separate lines
  • Fix disqus comments section CSS to eliminate bullets
  • In the activity form, change "number of participants" from having a discrete number to having a label and range (e.g., Medium - 20-30 instead of 20). Do the same thing for length of and preparation of activity. Also update all pages.
  • Create template and form for external resources page
  • Fix header tabs "back to basic information" on the "add media" page when editing a form.
  • main picture for each page can be selected from a drop down menu. only includes pictures associated with the current page.
  • fix facebook connect
  • create "add media" tab
  • change "keywords" to "key terms"
  • add red link default form for red links creating when searching for non-existent pages
  • keywords and subjects autocomplete
  • Why does creating an alias for a page, then redirecting it, make it so that the alias property for that page appear to be the same as the page name?
  • Add news item page
  • Add format curriculum pack template and page that lists all curriculum packs
  • Facebook connect
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