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About This Is How You Play: The Game Wiki

What is This Is How You Play: The Game Wiki and what do you do?

This Is How You Play: The Game Wiki is a free online sharing project that enables sharing and reuse of curriculum and activities. Anyone can use the content and anyone can add to, edit and share the content.

What are the rules for using the content on This Is How You Play: The Game Wiki?

Content will always be free under a the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license. This is the same license that Wikipedia uses for the content on its website so feel free to copy and paste our the content of This Is How You Play: The Game Wiki to your heart's content. For more detailed information on how you can use our content, please see this link.

Why did you change your name from to

Because This Is How You Play: The Game Wiki is not a commercial website (which is was .com stands for), and is rather a free resource for anyone, it made more sense to switch over to .org, which is more associated with non-profit organizations.

What is a curriculum pack?

A curriculum pack is a group of similar activities. It's easy to create a curriculum pack. Click on "Add a curriculum pack" on the front page. Because there are so many activities on this website, it may be helpful for people to have a list of activities created by someone who has tested them and deemed them great.

Exploring Content

How do you find an activity?

You can click here. This link is also find in the left sidebar. It's the link called "activities" under the heading "explore." To see more detailed information about a specific activity, click on it's name.

How do you use the "Browse all activities" page?

If you're referring to this page, this is where you can narrow down what list of activities you see. What an Astronomy game for preschoolers? Click on "3-5 year- olds" under age range, and then on Astronomy under "activity types." This will only show you activities that fit all the criteria selected. Bookmarking a link that represents this narrowed down criteria is easy. After clicking on both criteria, simply copy and paste the new updated web address. Here's a link of the Preschool Astronomy example: click here.

Adding Content

How do I add an activity?

There's nothing here yet.

How do I add a curriculum pack?

There's nothing here yet.

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