Oh dear

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Oh dear
Age Range 8-11 (grades 3-5), 11-14 (grades 6-8), 14-18 (grades 9-12)
Group Size medium (6-20), large (21+)
Setting outdoors
Setup Time medium (6-30 min)
Duration medium (11-30 min)
Subjects habitat, survival
Key terms resources, shelter
Materials none
Presentation Style active, interactive, model, student led

Brief Description

Half the group are deer and the other half represent resources. If the deer's needs match the resources, then the resource gets "eaten" by the deer and thus becomes a new deer!

This Is How You Play

  1. Half the group are deer and the other half are resources
  2. Resources can be water, food or shelter. Students represent shelter by making a triangle roof over their head with their hands, students represent food by putting their hand on their belly and students represent water by putting their hand on their mouth.
  3. Both groups stand on either side of a line and deer decide individually what resource they need and the other group decides what resource they will be.
  4. On the count of three both groups show their resource sign. The deer then chase the resource that matches the one they need. If the deer catches their resource, then the resource also becomes a deer.
  5. If a deer can't catch or find a resource then they turn into a resource.
  6. This game can be graphed (i.e., the amount of deer on a bar graph) to show the ebb and flow of populations
  7. Add wolves that eat the deer (essentially turning the deer into a resource) for another interesting element.


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