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Beastly speeds

January 1, 2014. I migrated from Dreamhost to Linode. Oh what a difference it makes! It feels like a REAL webpage now. I turned an APC and the website fliiies. Now I just need to skin it so it looks pretty. That's on the far back burner though.

Speed increases

May 20, 2013. There should be some noticeable speed increases at I discovered rebuildFileCache.php, which helped A LOT. I turned off page counters. I turned off CloudFlare (didn't seem to be helping after all). I turned off random plugins I don't use anymore. I limited the amount of results that would show up when the "activities" link was clicked (I set $sdgNumResultsPerPage to 20). I made $sfgRedLinksCheckOnlyLocalProps = true. I also disabled RSS feeds. Who uses those anymore? I plan on upgrading soon. Maybe there will be speed increases then. Short of moving to a VPS, this is as good as it gets now.

Switched to .org

February 23, 2012. I switched to .org today. So is now All pages from the .com site now redirect to the .org site. I realized that .com stands for commercial. This is definitely not a commercial website. The content here is free and I never plan on trying to make a profit on the content. Because of that, this site is more like a non-profit organization, which is more associated with the .org top level domain. It's a small change but it means a lot of difference to me.

Added fancybox for images

February 14, 2012. Installed fancybox for images. Now when you click on a page's main picture or a page's gallery pictures, a nice pop-up of the picture will appear. Check the fancybox extension and the fancybox website for more information.

Added main picture and improved picture display on picture tab

February 12, 2012. There's now the ability to add a Main Picture to the overview info box on the right side on the page information. While editing the form, click on the drop down menu next to "Main Picture" to choose the picture. Also new is pictures displayed on the picture tab now have a uniformed height and a nicer way of displaying captions. I'm using the Semantic Mediawiki gallery format via the Semantic Results Format extension. Looks nice eh?

Configured semantic drilldown

February 11, 2012. Semantic Drilldown has been configured. When you click on Explore Activities, you will now be taken to a page where you can find activities using any parameter. Need to find Astronomy activities for 5th graders and you want the activities to be active? Click on 3rd-5th grade, then astronomy, and finally click on active. You will be shown only those activities which fall under all those parameters.

Added ability to add videos pictures and pdfs

December 15, 2011. You can now add videos, pictures and pdfs to every post! Right now you can only link to Youtube videos. I'll add the ability to link to other video sites if there is a demand.

Automatic lowercasing in forms

December 8, 2011. Values are automatically changed to lowercase when added to the following form fields: subjects, keywords, alias, and materials. Because values are case sensitive, searching for the material "clay" would be different from the material "Clay." This feature forces some consistency and reduces unneeded redundancy.

Added curriculum packs

December 5, 2011. Curriculum packs have finally been added! You can see that the bottom left box on the front page has an area which displays the newest curriculum packs. You can add a new curriculum pack in the top right box. You can also navigate and add curriculum packs in the left sidebar. Additionally, another minor new feature is that you can now include wikilinks in form fields.

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