Mad scientist lab II

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This is the second mad scientist lab pack! It was created for a week of science experiments with a mad scientist theme.

Activity List (click on activity name for more details)

Ice balloons and salt: Students will pour salt and food color on frozen blocks of ice. Ice changes the freezing point of water and the ice will melt.

Dry ice experiments:

Solar bag:

PVC rocket launcher:

Diet Coke and Mentos:

Balloon on a bed of nails: Students will press a balloon on a bed of nails. The even pressure should prevent the balloon from popping!

Lava lamp with oil and water: Student will observe how water and oil don't mix. Add an alka seltzer tablet and you have a rudimentary lava lamp!

Candle and carbon dioxide: Students will observe carbon dioxide being poured onto a lit candle. The candle will go out!

Slime: Students create slime or gak-like stuff using borax and glue.

Mars lander: Students will create a vessel for an egg and drop it from a high spot. This requires students to engineer protective enclosures in the same way NASA scientists created mars landers.


Bubble snakes: Students will get to create long tubes of bubbles!

Alka seltzer rockets: Pour water into canisters, add a half a tablet of seltzer to water, add lid quickly and watch the tops pop! Students will see how powerful air pressure can be.

Cloud in a bottle: Students will be able to observe and/or create a cloud in a bottle.

Psychology experiments: Students will perform some basic psychology experiments including the stroop effect, social pressure, selective attention, 2 point discrimination and spotting fake smiles.

Cryptid cutouts:

Cryptid abomination:

Make your own cryptid:

Water experiments: Students will participate in water experiments that demonstrate water tension and water displacement.

Water crystal polymers: Students will watch water crystals absorb many times their volume in water. 1 pound of water crystals can absorb 50 gallons of water!

Inflate a balloon with water vapor:

Dissect a rotting log: Students dissect a rotten log to see what lives inside.

Soapy milk:

Egg in a bottle: Students will demonstrate how air contracts and expands with temperature. They will attempt to fit an egg threw a small opening in the top of a bottle without damaging the egg.

Dollar on fire:

Can crusher:

Oobleck: Students will create a non-newtonian liquid from cornstarch and water. Students will be able to play with the "oobleck" and maybe even walk on it!

Cabbage juice chemistry: Students will compare the whether common household products are acids, bases, or neutral. The experiment uses purple cabbage juice as an indicator. The cabbage juice changes color depending on what type of household product is added to it.

Grow bacteria with nutrient rich agar:

Sodium acetate instant crystals: The leader will show crystals form right before your eyes by dropping a single crystal of sodium acetate into a solution of supersaturated liquid sodium acetate.

Bend water with static electricity: Students use static electricity generated from a balloon to make a stream of water bend.

Electromagnetic nail on a battery: Students will create a homopolar motor which will spin a screw on the bottom of a battery.

Grow mold on food:

Make a fart with science: Create a fart in the lab using a rotting banana. Students learn about about bacteria eat rotting food and cause fermentation.

Conductors insulators and resistors:

Blob tag: Chose someone as "IT." If IT tags someone, that person must join hands with IT to create a large blob. The game ends when everyone is consumed by the blob!

Scream run: Students run and scream. They stop when they run out of breath. This is intended to wear your students out.

People to people: People to people is a team builder / icebreak. The leader calls out commands like "knee to knee" and students have to touch each others knees. Hilarity ensues.

Poison dart frog: Kids sit and circle and figure out who is the poison dart frog

Elbow tag:

Predator vs prey: Students pretend they prey that are being stalked by a predator. They wait in hiding in the best camouflaged habitat they can find. The first person to touch a base without being seen by the predator wins. Being seen means being eaten!

Sausage: Student A asks student B a question and Student B has to respond by saying "sausage" without laughing.

Biggest fan: Students play a huge game of rock paper scissors where the loser has to support the person they lost to.

Poor kitty: Poor kitty is a "don't laugh" game. One person goes around and moews and purrs at the non-kitties. All the non-cats have to pat the poor kitty's head and say, "poor poor kitty." If any non-kitties laugh, they become the poor kitty.

Who am I: One person who is it tries to figure out who they are. The leader shows everyone the name of "it." (For example, they could be superman). It has to ask the group yes or no questions to figure out who they are.


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