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This pack includes activities for a potential one-week camp whose theme is taking care of the earth. This includes recycling, reducing and reusing.

Activity List (click on activity name for more details)

Recycling game:

Recycled art:

Make your own biome:

Inventor brainstorming with junk:

Make collage postcards:

Emergency flip flops: Students will be able to create re-usable flip flops out of cardboard and plastic grocery bags

Furoshiki origami cloth bags:

Melting crayon patties:

Swamp fan:

Seed bombs: A seed bomb is a mud ball with seeds mixed it. Students will make these using native seeds and then throw them on areas that need beautifying.

Cube crafts:

Solar oven:

Recycle auction: Students will be able to use trash and recyclables to bid on items in an auction.

Least waste contest:


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